Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine Marriage Challenge Week 2



Courtney, from Women Living Well issued a Valentine Marriage Challenge about a week ago. Last week I tried to focus on my Hubby's good qualities and let him know that I appreciate him.

Week 2 Challenge – This week we will be a little more creative with our praise.

She has some great ideas over at her blog and I'm super excited to read the links and see what other bloggers are doing with this challenge. I am going to have to get my creative juices flowing... Another excuse to spend time on Pinterest. :o)

Because he knows how much I love my lattes. He gets me one every morning. I still love him more than lattes though.

The kind of poem he would give me. I think I'll beat him to it.

I found this on Pinterest and followed it over to Super Savings. They even have the tutorial for you.

Read between the lines:
I'd Kill (to be with) You,
(when) You're (not around) A Pain (runs through my heart),
(without) Love (life) Stinks,
I HATE (when) You (are not around me),
You're Not (just) My Friend (you're my best friend,
(I) Go To Hell (whenever you aren't near me)
We have quite the sense of humor, don't we? ;o)

Carrie's Craft Corner has some awesome ideas in her 14 Days of Valentines post. So cute and clever!

I got this idea from Carrie's Craft Corner. If nothing else My Hubby was dying with laughter over my "zebra".

 What kinds of creative things have you been doing to encourage your husband?

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