Friday, June 10, 2011

The Sun Came Out!

Thanks for all your help singing Mr. Sunshine out; it finally paid off yesterday. Lots of sun. It got into the high 60's, maybe even into a low 70. Pretty warm for what the weather has been but not a normal thing for the Pacific Northwest. We are usually in the 90's by June.  Madison was "dying to death!" (of the heat) when we walked to the bus stop to get Sarah from her last day of Second Grade. Apparently Madison and Sarah are not used to this "heat wave" because when I kicked them outside to play in the afternoon they headed straight to Grandma T's house next door to cool off. Good grief!

Benjamin and I had other ideas however.

Like playing ball with Duke

Jumping on the Tramampoline
Benjamin found a new game to play on the tramampoline. He jumps around then touches Mom and...ZAP! I get electrocuted and he thinks it is hilarious! He yells, "Again! Again!"

And he is so cute I just keep playing along.

Spying on Duke under the tramampoline

It is a good thing the sun came out because that means it might be warm enough to switch to sandals for Benjamin. Have you seen his shoes? He wore the insides off from scooting his "blue car" down the driveway.

Or where ever else he can convince me to take the "blue car". When we go places in the van he yells, "blue car!" and we throw that in the van too. What's one more toy in there?
Benjamin four wheeling through the yard. FYI this is not the easiest way across the yard on the "blue car"

Nothing this kid does is the "easy way." Here he is getting off the tramampoline. He couldn't just go down the stairs, he had to go off the top stair. I snapped this picture right before he started yelling, "Mom! Mom!" And I had to rescue my Little Man.
So we decided to swing.

And the girls finally came out. Sarah took over the role of Family Photographer. I wasn't very impressed with the ones of myself. I am going to blame that on being ZAPPED for 20 minutes by Benjamin. I thought this one of Madison was cute though.

The girls think eating Smarties makes you smart so...We are going to bee eating Smarties this summer so we don't loose any of our nowledge we learned this skool year. :o)

I also got to go on a walk all by myself yesterday. I walked around Bennington Lake. It was so nice. A cool breeze and the sun was starting to set. I sat on a bench for a while and watched the water, the sun, the people, and nature in general. (I'll take my camera next time) It has been a long time since I have been able to sit and enjoy our Creator and His creations. Alone. Quietly. Without interruption.
Unfortunately, that was the last place I knew where I was. I spent the next 45 minutes lost on the trails. The sun was starting to set and it was getting cooler. Sometimes I couldn't even tell if there were people around anymore. I was thinking back to the cougars in town last fall. I did see a bunny and 3 deer. Pretty cool. I decided that instead of panicking I should be praying. So I prayed. I was shown several things on my walk:

1.) Trust in Him.
2.) Pray continuously.
3.) All roads lead back to Him.
4.) I can't undo what I have done but I can make different choices to get to where I need to be again.
5.) I cannot do this alone.
6.) Even when life is hard I still need to slow down and see the beauty in it.
7.) Sometimes life is hard because He is growing me to be exactly who I need to be.
8.) I am not alone. I am never alone.

I left the last two blank because I am still contemplating my walk. Because He is not done with me yet.

One of my favorite quotes:
The Lord loves you just the way you are; but He loves you too much to leave you that way.


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