Sunday, June 12, 2011

To Neptune, Alice, to Neptune!

So I didn't post anything yesterday. I was tired worn out exhausted. I walked and Noah and the kids rode to Neptune for goodness sake! We have a Planet walk out by Fort Walla Walla. We recently discovered this path and are having fun walking it on the weekends.

The distance is to scale and has information about the "planet" at each sphere. Sarah really likes to compare the length of days for the planets.

This one is of us at Uranus. Haha. Yes, we do have the sense humor of 4th graders. They yelled, "Uranus!" when we took the picture.
As you can also see Benjamin is being Benjamin. He was not at all interested in taking pictures for memories or for Mom's blog for that matter. An older gentleman walked by and laughed, "I had four of them. There is always an independant one." 
There really is. There is ours...

Here we are at Neptune. Sarah wanted to go to Pluto. We couldn't even see Pluto. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are all very close. The rest of the planets are spaced quite a ways away. We only made it to Uranus last time before turning around. Hahaha! Sorry....

While we were out there we went across the road to Fort Walla Walla Museum. We love it out there. Noah and I are History dorks and the Fort Walla Walla staff have really made the experience kid friendly. Lots of things for the kids to look at and some hand on things as well. Last year they put in an awesome new playground. We have a membership so we try to get out there once a week or so. The living history programs on the weekends are great too. People dress up and act the part of interesting historical people from Walla Walla and the Pacific Northwest. Our favorites so far have been Joe Meek, mountain man (gee I wonder why) and Dutch Jo, Walla Walla's most prominent Madame.
Anyway, it happened to be Fort Walla Walla Days. All the people who play parts get together and create something that is almost like an old town. There are towns people, Military branches from history, fur traders and Indians, etc. Tents, cannons, wagons, etc.

Here are the kids in front of a Douglas Fir.

 Kids in the tee pee.

Some teenagers getting in on the old fashioned fun.

I hope this is an act and not the First Aid booth

This guy was really cool. As we were walking by he asked if we wanted a picture. Of course we would!
 "I want a gun too!"

A big thanks to:

And the kids always have fun on the toys.

 "Look at Mom. She wants a picture of you!"

I just get a kick out of this little seat every time we go. Do you see the tiny seat on the side of the wagon? I couldn't fit one tookis cheek on that little seat! I can't imagine riding all the way from Missouri to Washington on that thing. 

When we got home we everyone else played with the RC car. Duke loves chasing it but he knows he will be tempted to bite it if he catches it. He taught himself to run with the ball in his mouth and chew on it so he won't bite the car.

I couldn't even make it in the house. I just sat down outside.

I was dog tired.
 But it was a good day for dogs. :o)

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